The editor of the Orpheu website would like to thank Dr. Fátima Lopes, Dr. Manuela Rêgo, and Dr. Luís França de Sá, of the Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal, for the loan of the digitized copy of the magazine, as well as the remaining documents included in this critical edition.

Thanks are also due to Dr. Maria João Sampaio, Dr. Júlio Costa, and the Biblioteca Pública Municipal do Porto for allowing the reproduction of the galley proofs for the magazine’s third issue.

Our gratitude also goes out to the Modernist specialists whose studies and excerpts we now publish, namely Prof. Arnaldo Saraiva, Prof. Fernando Cabral Martins, Prof. Manuela Parreira da Silva, Prof. Nuno Júdice, Richard Zenith, Prof. Steffen Dix, and, finally, Prof. Patrícia Silva, for the introductory text to this critical edition.